Thermochromic Labels

Thermochromic Labels change colour with a change in temperature.

Thermochromic Labels change colour with a change in temperature. They have a wide variety of uses across a vast spectrum of industries. The thermochromic ink or dye will change colour or become transparent when it reaches a certain temperature. This works for both hot and cold changes depending on the application.

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You Can’t Afford To Buy Cheap


In a market that is heavily influenced by price, allow us to demonstrate the reasons why buyers should avoid using price as their number one consideration when evaluating and comparing suppliers. Unfortunately, price is the first port of call for comparison but intelligent buyers are looking past this to discover the added benefits and quality of the product and service they are receiving in order to add value to their supply chain. Continue reading

Print Ready Artwork


Formats & Resolution
Due to the growth in various graphic software packages and its ease of use many companies now have their own in-house design team or will use design houses to produce their artworks for them. This is fine, however the question often asked by our customers is what format do you want us to supply artwork or do you require print ready artwork. To answer this we have compiled a list of guidelines for supplying artwork. Continue reading